Accessible, client-centred career coaching services focused on identifying and securing the right job for you

Following the pandemic, which jobs are going to be in greatest demand and which jobs will be the most suitable for you?

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Accessible, client-centred career coaching services focused on identifying and securing the right job for you

Following the pandemic, which jobs are going to be in greatest demand and which jobs will be the most suitable for you?

What is career coaching? And why might you need it?

Traditionally, most career coaching services have been solely focused on providing clients with one or more of the following services:

  • general career advice,
  • resume updating and re-writing,
  • creation of persuasive copy for your LinkedIn profile, and
  • practising for upcoming interviews.

That’s fine however we view our career coaching service as being much more – in fact, we view what we do for our clients as “career transition coaching”.

Our career transition coaching service is much more than helping you with your next job search but it is not life coaching.

The goal of our career transition coaching service is to help you find the right job at the right company both now and in the future.

The right role for you will offer you the responsibilities and challenges best suited for your personality and for the skills you currently possess and reward you with the most generous salary for the value you create.

The right roles will also be with the right companies – employers who want and value your input where there is a culture of trust, inclusion, and responsibility. Employers who provide you with the room and encouragement you need to further develop your skills and experience.

Two of the most important elements in the career transition coaching service we offer are career planning and career management. Both enable you to prepare for now and for the future.

For career planning, we need to know:

  • what your core values and skills are,
  • what personal development and professional development goals you have for yourself,
  • what constitutes the right work-life balance for you, and
  • what you want to spend your working day doing.

With career management, we give you the insights and techniques you need to successfully stay in control of your career progression when our work together has ended.

You spend 40 hours or more at work a week.

What you do at work influences every aspect of your life regardless of whether you’re at the office or not. You’ve recognised that you need to sort this out and you appreciate the benefits that resolving this area of your life will bring.

Our one-to-one career coaching courses deliver you the opportunity of a real and meaningful career change where, now and in the years to come, you’ll be much more in charge of your professional life than ever before.

To find out more, please call 07961 102 481 or email Alternatively, to book a free 15-minute one to one taster session, please click here.

Our career coaching services

To find the right role for you at the right company, our career coaching team use the “Discover Vision Action” approach.


For many of our clients, their careers to date would already be considered by their peers to be successful.

The clients who use our service are motivated and they have proven themselves able to adapt to varying and often unexpected changes of circumstances in the world of work. Our clients already deliver optimal outcomes for their employers.

As well as the formal and informal training they’ve received, our clients have picked up a lot of experience and know-how on the job no matter which sector they work in or their current level of seniority.

This constant pressure on their time has however meant that our clients are often too busy working for their employers to be able to work on their own future career plan.

This leads to a build-up of frustration and a feeling that instead of controlling their own career, their current job controls them.

In the discovery phase of our programme, we help you to remember who you are again – your core value and values, your skills, what motivates you, what satisfies you, and what makes you tick.

For our recently-graduated clients who have invested so much time and money to achieve their qualifications, what’s next?

Is there a less obvious way to use the qualifications you’ve acquired in a way which is more personally and professionally fulfilling to you?

Which other sectors and which other employers would want the skills and knowledge you’ve attained because they can see the value you’ll bring to their business or organisation?

Job seeker involved with career coaching


With a better knowledge of who you are, you’re now much more aware of the possibilities for your professional future.

During the “vision” phase, we explore the career possibilities open to you best matched to your current skill set and to your future professional career path.

You will genuinely be inspired when you fully realise the potential you have and how many career options are actually open to you.


When you have decided on the path which is right for you, your career transition programme enters the “action” phase – the most time-consuming and challenging of all the phases but ultimately the most rewarding.

Your “action” plan is both external and internal.

Externally, we identify the roles and the companies where you are most likely to feel fulfilled professionally and where you will be free to develop yourself further.

Internally, we work on the blocks and the attitudes which, consciously and subconsciously, are and have been holding you back and we overcome them one by one.

Major blocks we address for many clients include how to search strategically for roles which fit their criteria, creation of covering letters, resume optimisation, preparing for interview, and more.

How our programme is delivered

Our consultations are delivered via video calling. Between consultations, we will send you various different assessments for completion by email which will help you and your career change professional through the stages of the programme.

Career coaching questions…

Who do you offer career coaching to?

Our career coaching service is designed specifically for clients who seek a fundamental and meaningful improvement in both their current employment situation and for their future career.

Many clients already know the approximate career path they wish to pursue. Others seek a complete career change and they come to us with no strong ideas on what they wish to do professionally.

For all clients, our service helps you to understand exactly what it is you want to achieve and what steps you need to take to get there.

Call or email us to let us know more about you. We’ll let you know what experience we have with clients with similar backgrounds and targets to you.

Do you offer career coaching for employees in the tech sector?

Yes. We have considerable experience in the tech sector, especially for front end developers and full stack developers.

Please contact us to let us know your current knowledge and experience and the areas you wish to specialise in.

Do you offer career coaching for senior management, board, and NED roles?

Yes. We have worked extensively with executives seeking promotion within their current company or seeking similar or more senior roles within other companies and organisations.

If you wish to pursue a career path as a non-executive/part-time director, please also contact us.

Do you work with graduates?

Yes – following three to four years of education (even on programmes featuring placements with employers), graduates really do require assistance in making the most of their professional qualifications in roles which suit their personality, temperament, and values. We help you navigate the often complex graduate job market no matter what sector you wish to work in – particularly invaluable amid the ongoing economic disruption.

Please contact us to find out more about our graduate career coaching service.

Which of your career coaching programmes do you recommend I take?

Our career coaching programmes are bespoke to each client and their goals.

No matter whether you’re a graduate, you’re looking for a promotion within your current company or a move to a new employer, or you’re seeking the highest C-suite or NED positions, your programme will be fully tailored to you and to delivering the outcomes you seek.

What happens after my career coaching sessions end?

We have a wide range of career coaching tools and career coaching resources available to clients when their career coaching sessions with us have concluded. We offer coaching specifically for the first 90 days in your new role supporting you to transition and be successful.

We actively encourage clients to stay in touch with us following the end of their personalised programme. We value the opportunity to keep up with your progress and to offer any further assistance to help you.

Following the completion of your sessions, you may wish to take advantage of our Interview Preparation (link) service to refresh the skills and techniques you learned on our programme.

You may also wish to take up our LinkedIn profile optimisation service (link) to ensure that you make the best personal and professional impression on recruiters and prospective future employers searching for candidates for jobs which you would enjoy and do well in.

A clear CV, description of professional history, and a confident personal statement of your skills and aptitude on your LinkedIn profile are what headhunting companies and recruiters now are looking for when initially shortlisting candidates for specific roles.

Do you offer remote career coaching?

Yes. All of our career coaching is remote and carried out over the telephone or via video calls, a move prompted by client demand following the COVID-19 pandemic.

If your current role requires you to work irregular hours at different locations in the UK and/or around the world, please let us know when you contact us when you’d prefer to work with us.

What are your career coaching qualifications?

Our team have worked with 100s of professionals over the past 15 years to help them find the career best suited to their personal and professional skills and goals.

We’re friendly, approachable, fully committed to delivering the outcome you want, and professional.

Our team leader is a nationally recognised expert in recruitment and a qualified HR professional and a  Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development and qualified career coach. Also on our team is a senior HR practitioner who also uses psychometric assessment as part of her coaching practice.

How much does career coaching cost?

For more information on our career coaching packages and their costs, please click here

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