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Find out about our professional career coaching services which deliver practical support to help you develop clear goals and an action plan to achieve your objectives.

Professional one to one interview advice from our team of recruitment experts who can help you improve your interview techniques with insights on interview questions and techniques to help you boost your confidence.

Every time you apply for a job a recruiter will view your LinkedIn profile, and we can make it stand out against other candidates. Understand how your LinkedIn profile works and maximise the chances of finding a new job.

In a competitive job market,
you need to stand out.

And now, more than ever before, as a global pandemic is putting huge pressures on the job market, having exceptional interview skills is priceless.

The team at Total Career Solutions can offer you expert career support to help you find a job and make your next move.

Whether you need help with interview questions, interview techniques or interview coaching, we are here to help. Total Career Solutions provides professional career coaching, job interview services and support with expert insights across some of the most popular industry sectors, including Sales & Marketing, Finance, Web Development and Project Management, to name a few.

We can give professionals and executives the inside track on performance and communication techniques, whether you are looking to move up the ladder or seeking one-to-one training to improve your job prospects.

Graduates can also benefit from our comprehensive five-step programme to support you into your 1st job.

Total Career Solutions five-step programme covers:

  • Job search techniques
  • Creating your CV & cover letter
  • Interview preparation
  • Personal branding
  • How to build a professional network

Our team can help you whether you are just starting your job search, are unhappy in your current role or looking for advice on how to make a career change. Our one-to-one career coaching and interview practice provides you with practical support so you can get the job you really want.

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It’s my pleasure to write a recommendation for Richard, his knowledge in career counselling is unmatched, he is a great coach, mentor and a good communicator. He is very experienced helping you focus your thoughts and give you practical direction to your job search and tough interview preparation.


Yash Sharma
Community Manager

Richard’s expertise and practical pragmatic approach to a task is invaluable and has been a great help to me on a number of occasions throughout the years. He is very knowledgeable about various techniques you can use when preparing for the interview or to evaluate your next step when searching for a career path or a life-work balance. His approach makes you train hard, but also gets you best results possible – which is always the case when you put in hard work! I would strongly recommend him without hesitation.


Marina Lyons
Digital Marketing Manager

Richard’s impressive expertise in recruitment helped me to enhance my resume and linked-In profile. His excellent advice helped me to focus; highlighting my professional skills and areas of expertise. I can tell he is really passionate about recruitment especially using innovative tools like linked-in to help clients optimise their profiles. Thanks to his thorough understanding of recruiters’ approach he has been very straight to the point and provided me with great help and support.

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David Allard
Global Mobility Director France

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