Lights Camera Action - How to ace your online interview

How to Ace an Online Job Interview

HOW TO ACE AN ONLINE JOB INTERVIEW The face to face job interview disappeared when offices closed their doors in March. However, as lockdown restrictions ease and many of the Global workforce return to work, we have seen that employers are continuing to use the form of online interviews with candidates. Based on our experience…


How CVs Differ Around The World

How CVs Differ Around The World Around the globe, all CVs are not created equal. When it comes to CVs, there’s no universal template. Depending on the country in which you’re applying for jobs, there may be differing standards for what to include on your CV and what should be left out. If you’re looking…


How to Nail Your Second Interview

How to Nail Your Second Interview You’ve been asked back for a second interview. At this point, you’re being seriously considered for the position based on your success in the first interview. You were well-prepared for the initial meeting, but you should know what questions for a second interview to anticipate. What’s different about this…

Self Employment

Is Self Employment for you ?

Is Self Employment for you- what do you want from work ? What do we want from work? Millions of people are now reinventing their working lives and becoming self employed. Ruth Barnes presents the first in a new series exploring the changing world of work and self employment. There are now five million self-employed…