Our interview coaching & interview preparation service

Is your resume getting you the right attention but are you struggling to impress at interview? Our service gives you the ability and confidence you need to present your best self at interviews to secure the job you want.

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Our interview coaching & interview preparation service

Is your resume getting you the right attention but are you struggling to impress at interview? Our service gives you the ability and confidence you need to present your best self at interviews to secure the job you want.

For many candidates, they feel nervous submitting their resume for a job they really want. When they’re then asked to attend an interview for that job, their nerves go into overdrive.

Is that you? If so, you’re not alone and the nerves you feel are not a negative reflection of your ability to do the job you’re applying for.

Often, those nerves are caused by a lack of basic interview and communications skills. People spend a great deal of their lives training to join a certain profession but there’s very little training available on how to handle the interviews they need to be successful at to secure the job they want.

At Total Career Solutions, we work with candidates from the UK and around the world who want to perform well at their first recent interview as well as candidates who have been rejected after multiple previous interviews.

Interviews are not the ideal way of selecting a new employee but it’s the method employers prefer to use.

Why is it not ideal?

For the person being interviewed, it’s really important to them that they get the job and the pressure this puts on them may cause anxiety that affects their performance on the big day. For the person conducting the interview, their own career could be affected by making the wrong choice of candidate making them particularly risk-averse.

Understanding the mindsets and self-interests of both interviewer and interviewee are of significant importance – in fact, it’s an essential part of any effective preparation interview strategy.

We offer professional one to one interview coaching and practice from qualified HR specialists. Our coaching is tailored specifically to you, the sector you work in, and the type of job you’re applying for.

Our goal for you is that, on the morning of your interview and on your journey to it, you will feel prepared and confident.

You will feel sure of yourself and sure of your abilities – you’ll be able to demonstrate the value you’ll bring to an employer clearly and beyond doubt.

No question will throw you – not even the most difficult ones. You’ll be friendly, professional, and personable – likeable and positive but never cocky nor too self-assured.

We take the following five steps in your interview coaching course with us:

  1. We review your CV against the job description
  2. Research the company and your motivation to join
  3. We create practice questions based in the job description
  4. A mock interview where you will practice answering sample questions
  5. Feedback on interview skills followed by coaching to improve your answers and your confidence levels

Helping our clients secure the jobs they want – jobs in which they’ll thrive – is a passion of ours. To speak with our interview coaches, please click here to book your free 15-minute consultation.

Our interview coaching services are personalised and tailored to each candidate. We’re here to help you present your best self to the interviewing team of the business or organisation you want to work for when it matters.

In the current economic climate, competition for jobs is particularly intense. If your CV is already marking you out as an outstanding candidate so much so that you’re getting invited for interview, you need to follow that through face to face, online, and over the phone with your interviewers.

Our professional one to one interview coaching service provides you with:

  • Interview preparation techniques – we’ll show you how to build a genuine rapport with the person or people interviewing you as well as teaching you the techniques you need to stay focused, stay calm, and stay in control of yourself. We use the STAR technique to help you structure your answers to competency-based interview questions.
  • Mock interviews with live feedback – our interview coaches will analyse the job description of the role you want and they’ll prepare the sample questions and situations you’re likely to face at interview based upon the job you’re applying for and the industry you want to work in. During each session, we’ll share with you constructive feedback on every aspect of your performance including how you handled the difficult-to-answer questions.
  • Different types of interview – the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a trend which was already underway – the move towards initial interviews being conducted remotely. We can assist you in making the best impression possible by sharing with you our approach to online interviews and phone interview preparation.
  • Job-specific training – we look at the job you’re being interviewed for and we create practice interview questions based around the job and the organisation you’ll be working for.
  • How to answer the question – whether the interview you’re preparing for is strength-based, competency-based, blended, or more freeform, we’ll show you the best way to answer the questions you’re asked in a way which clearly demonstrates your skills and the value you’ll bring to your prospective employer. You will be clearly understood & heard.
  • Ongoing support – following the end of our session, we’re there to support you by email and telephone on your job search.
Interview Preparation

How you benefit from our approach

  • Self-understanding – with our service, you’ll begin to truly appreciate how much value you actually bring to an employer as you understand better the skills you have and how you’ve used them in the past. The more confident you are that you can do the job you’re being interviewed for, the more confident you’ll be at the interview.
  • A variety of approaches and techniques – our team of coaches have significant experience in both interviewing candidates and training candidates for interview. They have interviewed literally thousands of people and understand what companies are looking for during the interview process. Learn from them the different approaches you can take to answering interviewers’ questions and choose the approach which works best for you.
  • An action plan for now and in the future – with the insights, knowledge, and techniques you learn from our course, you’ll be fully prepared for the interview that’s coming up and for other interviews in the future.

Who are we?

We’re an established team of career coaches, interview coaches, and recruitment consultants whose purpose is to make sure that our candidates have the best possible chance of getting the job they want.

Our team leader is a nationally recognised expert in recruitment and a qualified HR professional and a Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development.

Our team also includes a senior HR practitioner who is a specialist in the field of psychometric assessment and its use and application in the interview process.

To speak with our interview coaches, please click here to book your free 15-minute consultation.
Do you work with candidates based outside the UK?

Yes. Although the company is based in the UK, the majority of the candidates we deal with are based around the world from South America to the Middle East and from the USA to Asia.

Can you help with job interview preparation at any career stage?

We provide interview skills coaching to candidates in at all career stages and across the public and private sectors.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or you’re looking for a new role with your current employer or somewhere else and you want to prepare for an interview, please book your consultation by clicking here.

Do you offer executive interview coaching?

Yes. Over the past decade, we have worked with over 100 executives preparing for interview for positions in senior management, on the board, as part-time directors, or as NEDs.

If you are about to be interviewed by a prospective employer or for a part-time/non-exec role, please book your consultation by clicking here.

Do you offer interview coaching for graduates?

Yes, and given the current economic disruption and the record number of people leaving university each year, it’s of particular importance that graduates make the most of every opportunity they get to impress prospective employers at interview.

If you have a forthcoming interview (face to face, phone, or online interview) for a job you really want, please book your consultation by clicking here.

How much does interview coaching cost?

Our graduate job interview coaching costs £100 and offers an hour of intensive and specialised support and advice for candidates about to enter the job market for the first time post-studies.

For £150, we offer an hour’s intensive support and advice to candidates who are ready to take the next step in their career. Build upon your career achievements so far and let us help you significantly improve your chances of getting the job you want.

For candidates seeking an executive role where the demands at interview are often onerous and over multiple stages, we offer 2 hours’ support for £250.

To book your job interview coaching session, please click here.

I work in positions which require competency based interviews. Can you help?

Competency-based interviews have grown in popularity in recent years as employers use them to try to predict how you’ll perform in a role you’ve applied for by better understanding the skills you have and how you’ll behave in given situations.

We have over a decade of experience helping candidates successfully handle competency-based interview questions including the commonly-used STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) technique (sometimes called behavioural interviewing). Please contact us to find out more.

Do you provide mock interview training sessions before I get an actual interview?

Yes – practising how you respond to answers is important whenever you’re preparing for an interview. Mock interview training features in all of our interview preparation session options.

Which types of interview do you provide coaching for?

As well as for a standard face to face interview, we help candidates prepare for any online interview they’ve been asked to take part in by a prospective employer as well as with telephone interview preparation.

Why is one to one interview coaching better than interview preparation tips available online?

There are plenty of sites available which give job interview tips as well as career advice – there’s even an interview preparation app. However, they all give simple and generic advice on how to prepare for an interview – they’re as personalised as daily horoscopes you see in newspapers.

One to one interview coaching is different – it’s interview technique coaching specific to you, your strengths, your areas for improvement, your career to date, and how you wish your career to develop. The interview training tips we give you allow you to successfully present yourself to an interviewer as the right candidate for the role and will help you secure the job you deserve.


Interview coaching to secure the job you want – taking the next step in your career

1 hour of intensive support

Interview coaching for board roles, senior management & part-time/non-exec directors

2 hours of intensive support

Interview coaching to land the role you’ve qualified for after completing your studies

1 hour of intensive support

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