How to get noticed by Executive Search firms

How to get noticed by Executive Search firms

Executive Search firms aren’t like your standard recruitment experts; consultants from companies such as Robert Half, Korn Ferry and Odgers Berndston aren’t interested in speaking to any average employees; to appeal to the Executive Search market you have to be exemplary – and set for greatness.

Executive Search firms

Executive Search firms

So what can you do to ensure that you’re on the radar of the biggest and best companies in the world? Follow these steps, and you may well find yourself being headhunted for an exciting new career.

 1. Get your face out there

No one is going to know who you are if you aren’t making connections – and whilst your LinkedIn game may be strong, in the digital space you’re simply one face in one million. Making physical meetings with professionals gets your name and face out there, whilst allowing you to promote your personality – something that all Exec Search firms care about.

2. Promote yourself online

As just discussed, having a digital presence is far less important than making physical connections, but it’s still very important. When people know who you are, the first thing they’re going to do is trawl the internet for information about you; this is why ensuring that what they find is impressive is essential.

3. Be seen as a ‘thought leader’

This means creating content that promotes progressive thinking; no one wants to employ a leader with no skills or ideas. Now that you’ve made connections at events and seminars and cultivated a strong digital presence, you need to populate those timelines with your original work. Video blogs, podcasts, articles and research are all great places to start, whilst taking part in panels at events is a massive bonus.

4. Get involved in the conversation

Debate shouldn’t be saved for the stage, however when welcoming the world to read your ideas or watch your videos, you also need to get stuck into the conversation and welcome debate. Read what others have to say and do the same on their posts to build up a rapport – you may learn a thing or two

5. Find a mentor or valuable peer

If you’re stuck where to go next, do some research and find others who are striving in areas that you admire. Not only will their words inspire you and drive you forward, but their past can serve as a path for your future. How did they overcome obstacles? Who do they look up to? What are they doing that you’re not? Answer these questions and you’ll create yourself a roadmap of how to move forward.

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